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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Koroneiki Variety 750 ml

The brand “Messinian Story” reflects the quality, the characteristics and the philosophy of our olive oil…

Koroneiki Variety 500 ml

We are located in Messinia, one of the most famous places in the world in the production of olive oil.

Koroneiki Variety 250 ml

Our olive trees are aged 70-500 years old and the production is exclusively ours.

Mavrolia Variety (500 ml)

The culture and the gathering are curried out by hand, under ideal climate conditions.

Koroneiki Variety (5 lt)

...provide you a special olive oil!

Limited Edition mixed 500ml

(The ideal combination of Koroneiki and Black Olive to cover all tastes!)
The processing of olives is made under low temperature.

Koroneiki Variety (3 lt)

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Koroneiki mini bottle 100ml

All the above, together with the fertile soil and the tradition of our site in the crop of olive trees...

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